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While dedicated Christian faculty and top-notch curriculum are essential, special gifts and ongoing pledges are necessary.


The entire process of education is seen as the means by which God brings the revelation of Himself to the student.


Meet our amazing group of professional people who are committed to your children’s education in The Truth.

Prospective Parents

The admissions process is designed to ensure the best possible match between your student and our school.

Berkshire Christian School Welcomes You!

At Berkshire Christian School our goal is simple and powerful – we teach students to read, write, and reason, guided by the light of Scripture, the greatest books of the western tradition, an exemplary math curriculum, and an effective phonics-based reading approach.

Today’s Berkshire Christian School is a vibrant and friendly community of students, staff, families, and local churches. Within this community, under the guidance of a professional and attentive faculty, students at BCS are mentored for academic success and spiritual strength, preparing them for the challenging world of tomorrow.

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  • “I love Berkshire Christian School because you learn about God–at other schools you can’t even talk about Him.”

    BCS Student
  • “Berkshire Christian School is a breath of fresh air! They provide excellent academics in a warm and caring environment. They foster Christian values in the hearts and minds of their students. They have a dynamic, dedicated faculty unlike any we have seen. We love the BCS families, too! We are so thankful to have found the right place for our daughters and our family.”

    BCS Parents
  • “After almost two years at Berkshire Christian School we have watched our daughter blossom into this wonderful, happy child who is willing to try new things – she really believes in herself. She went from tears in 2nd grade math to qualifying for participation in the ACSI Math Olympics in 4th grade! Amazing! We love BCS and would love to see it grow so that more kids could have the chance to shine as our daughter has. God bless Berkshire Christian School.”

    BCS Parents
  • “Berkshire Christian School is faithful to minister the Lord’s daily bread. Going to school with Jesus makes for happy, healthy children who shine for Him.”

    BCS Parent
  • “I think what I love most about Berkshire Christian School is the knowledge that you are partnering with not only teachers, but other parents, who are like minded. Knowing that the discipline of not just education, but life learning is based on the basic beliefs that are taught in the Bible. It’s also the fellowship that the children have with one another and how they are all taught to help and encourage one another. I’m not sure how to fit this in…I LOVE the fact that my children are able to celebrate holiday like Christmas and Easter, the way they are intended to be celebrated. That there is no need to worry about who we may offend (like in the public schools).”

    BCS Parent
  • “The one-on-one relationship time that was spent with the students. It had that camp relationship feel to It.”

    Spiritual Emphasis Week
  • “My child talked about it every night.”

    Spiritual Emphasis Week
  • “The kids love it. Chapel and worship have been fun. The lessons are age appropriate and reinforced. So much will stick with them. The kids have also really enjoyed getting to know the team members.”

    Spiritual Emphasis Week
  • “I woke up each morning singing the chapel songs. The lessons are appropriate for all age levels and parents said their children couldn’t stop talking about it.”

    Spiritual Emphasis Week


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