Mission Statement

The mission of Berkshire Christian School is to offer an excellent academic education informed by the truth of Christ.

At Berkshire Christian School, we believe that our mission is primarily academic, but that it would be incomplete without the contributions of the two great institutions of God’s design: the family and the Church. With this conviction in mind, BCS works in concert with its families, and with the local churches of the Berkshire community to provide our students with the best of learning, character development, and Christian growth.

The purpose of Berkshire Christian School is to provide a quality academic program based on the Christian view of God and the world. By helping parents in their biblical responsibility to educate their children, the school encourages children to develop a Christian mind, to glorify God in all of life, and to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with their God-given abilities and gifts.

At Berkshire Christian School, students have the opportunity to receive a complete K-12 education, as they study a curriculum established on the truth of Christ. They are encouraged to participate and grow in their local churches. And each student’s family is encouraged to be active in the life of the school.

The staff of BCS endeavors to:

Help students achieve academic proficiency and a thorough understanding of the Christian worldview.

Cultivate personal Christian faith within each and every student.

Challenge students to develop moral integrity by adopting Scriptural standards of achievement and behavior.

Affirm the God-given dignity and potential of each student.

Integrate parental involvement in the mission of the school.