Thank you for your interest in Berkshire Christian School. We are delighted to take this opportunity to partner with you in the education of your child. The admissions process, which is designed to ensure the best possible match between your student and our school, is briefly outlined here. However, we would love to meet you in person or speak with you over the telephone to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding this process.

For more information or to schedule a meeting, please contact our office,
at (413) 637-2474 or at

The admissions process begins with parents:
Submitting a completed application including proof of citizenship, family application, student information, school recommendation, pastoral recommendation, current immunization records, and court custody documents (if applicable)
Paying the non-refundable application fee
Signing the Authorization to Release Records form to release educational records
Successful completion of the SEVIS process (non-U.S. citizens ONLY)

In our admissions standards for parents, we attempt to identify parents who:
Are thoroughly familiar with the Parent-Student Handbook and agree to support the philosophy and policies outlined therein
Will support their child’s success at school as well as the success of Berkshire Christian School
Will uphold the conditions of the enrollment contract including the financial obligation and manner of settling disputes

In our admissions standards for students, we attempt to identify students who:
Will cooperatively participate with other students, teachers, staff, and volunteers according to the philosophy and policies outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook
Demonstrate reasonable prospects for academic success
Have evidence of appropriate class behavior and positive peer interaction

Prospective Kindergarten students are assessed in cognitive development, fine motor skills, language development, emotional/behavioral maturity, academic/pre-academic skills, and attention style. A preschool evaluation will also be used for children currently enrolled in a preschool program. Berkshire Christian School reserves the right to request additional testing if there is a questionable screening or questions from the preschool the child attends.

Prospective First Graders and up are screened in various ways, including an examination of school records, a recent teacher recommendation (within one year), a recent achievement test (within one year), and our own mathematics and language arts testing. The student’s overall achievement score must be on grade level or above. The teacher recommendation and school records are assessed for the student’s 1) ability to learn; 2) motivation to learn; 3) attention; 4) compliance / amenability to discipline; 5) attendance; 6) responsibility.

Fourth Grade and up will be asked to complete some admission application questions. Berkshire Christian School is committed to teaching all subjects in light of the truth of Scripture. Our desire is to see all students at Berkshire Christian School continue to grow in their walk with Christ as they complete their studies here. All new students in Grade Four and higher who have applied for admission to Berkshire Christian School must have at least two recommendations. These can be from a current or previous teacher, administrator, or counselor. The applicant’s Youth Director, Christian Education Director, Minister, or Pastor may complete one of the recommendations. The Evaluator should complete all questions on the form and return the recommendation to the student or parent in a SEALED envelope with their signature across the seal if time does not allow for mailing of the recommendation.

Berkshire Christian School reserves the right to place students in the appropriate instructional level as determined by test data and developmental maturity. Children must be five years of age by December 31st to be eligible for Kindergarten, providing all other academic and developmental criteria are satisfied.

After reviewing the student application and school records, a family interview is scheduled for potential applicants.

Upon Admissions Committee and BCS Board review, final acceptance will be determined and parents notified. After receipt of the signed Family & School Covenant, book fees, and tuition down payment, parents will be notified that their child has been officially enrolled.