BCS offers a variety of ways to help make Christian education a reality for every family. We realize that the costs involved in providing a Christian education can be a challenge. However, remember that these costs are a short-term challenge that results in a life-long reward.

K-12 tuition for any family is capped at $10,500!

The types of financial assistance offered by BCS are shown below. Detailed information on each type of assistance can be obtained from the BCS office.

BCS Financial Aid
Tuition Payment Plan K through 12th Grade 15% of tuition due August 1 Balance in 10 payments; September through June. Interest charges will apply
Financial Aid K through 12th Grade Based on need as determined by the independent financial aid assessment from FAST.
Preschool Continuation Preschoolers enrolled 5 months or more BCS Preschool – $500 Kindergarten tuition credit
Childcare Tax Credit Preschool Check with your tax professional to determine if your family is eligible for this credit.


If you qualify for Financial Aid, it will be applied as follows:

  • 1st child – 20% discount
  • 2nd child – 35% discount
  • 3rd and subsequent children – 50% discount
  • K-8 tuition: $10,500 per family maximum


Note: Financial Aid is currently not available at the High School level


Information on the FAST Financial Aid application process is available here and here. To begin the Financial Aid application process, please click the FAST icon below: