Berkshire Christian School’s mission is to assist parents in fulfilling their God-given responsibility to teach their children that, “In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Colossians 2:3) by providing an excellent education informed by the truth of Christ. We offer a safe, nurturing environment along with a challenging curriculum designed to prepare students both academically and personally. We welcome international students!

For a detailed information packet about our International Students program, please click here.

Entering school in America can be a very difficult challenge. When confronted by a new culture, language, and school, it is extremely stressful. Therefore it is important that international students have strong academic skills, solid personal character, a rooted faith in Christ, and a level of maturity that allows them to assume serious personal responsibility for daily living.

English proficiency is a key to success in an American college-preparatory school. This is especially true if the student is to enter grade 9 or above. High school credits are critical for graduation. This is not true for sixth through eighth grades. In the middle school there is greater flexibility with academic credits and students often show a greater speed in developing English skills of speaking, reading and writing when entering at the middle school level. Regardless of which grade you are applying to, we advise you to develop as much English proficiency as possible before arriving in the U.S.

If a student enrolls in the middle school, it will be expected that all work required of the student in the following year will be done on the same basis as other English-speaking students. This means that all courses taken will be graded as other English-speaking students. Therefore it is imperative that during the first year of attendance, the student work as hard as possible both within the school program, and possibly through ESL or tutoring programs outside of the school. The school will assist in making recommendations regarding such services. Continuance in the following year will be predicated on this level of proficiency.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program at BCS

All students are administered standardized testing as soon as they arrive or at least one week before school starts. This testing determines course assignments and, if a student scores lower than average (50%) on Reading Comprehension, they will be required to take ESL for an additional fee. ESL will provide the academic support to be successful and earn more credits towards graduation. ESL Fees, which are paid quarterly to the school, are listed on the Student Enrollment Contract. This is refundable if a student is able to exempt from ESL after the first quarter. Please refer to the document entitled International Student Requirements.