Kindergarten - Eighth Grade

BCS Curriculum Overview
Each BCS teacher is a qualified Christian educator, chosen for his or her academic qualifications, teaching ability, spiritual maturity, and genuine love of children. Teachers minister to their students, modeling Christian life and providing faith experiences within the context of a challenging academic environment.

Believing that discipline is a process by which students are guided to develop Christ-like characteristics, each teacher maintains classroom behavior in a manner in accordance with Christian principles as set forth in Scripture, and stated in school policy.

Home study is a necessary part of each student’s educational program, and is an extension of the educational philosophy and goals of the school. Homework assignments are regular, reasonable, and encouraged when they contribute to the child’s education through individual work, responsibility, completion of projects, and establishment of good study habits.

BCS believes that children should enter the Kindergarten program when they are developmentally ready to do so, thus assuring a smoother transition into a structured educational experience. Kindergarten students are offered programs in Bible, math, language arts, writing, science, social studies, art, music, physical education and library.

Grades 1-8
Emphasis is placed on studying and memorizing God’s Word, on the basic skill areas of reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and mathematics, as well as  specialized areas of science, history/social studies, art, physical education, and computers/technology.